QR-Code generator packed with functions

Our QR Code generator is so much more than just a QR generator. With our countless features and applications, only your imagination limits what you can achieve with our service. On this page you can read more about each individual function.

Artistic AI QR Code Generator

It's not enough just to have good functionality on your QR codes, aesthetics also play a big role.

With our new artistic AI QR code generator, you can create QR codes that not only lead you to the right destination, but also look like real works of art.

This links practical utility with aesthetic beauty, and gives users a unique experience every time they scan the QR code.

Imagine decorating your wall with a QR code that people think is a modern painting, only to surprise them with the hidden message or link behind!

With artistic AI combined with QR codes , the line between technology and art is becoming increasingly invisible.

PS: Try and scan the image.

Artistic ai qr code generator example

Dynamic QR codes

With dynamic QR codes, you can connect traditional printed materials to the digital world.

Place them on brochures, posters, business cards, banner ads and more and see how they transform static marketing campaigns into interactive experiences.

One of the advantages of dynamic QR codes is that you can easily change the content behind the code at any time. So whether you want to update your offers, adapt campaigns according to the season or direct customers to new products, you can do it without having to create a new code. It is simple, effective and time-saving.

With our service you can choose between 9 different dynamic QR code types .

These are: Dynamic URL, events, bio-Links, restaurant menu, company profile, virtual business card, Google review collector and product catalog .

Dynamic qr code menu

QR code scanning with advanced statistics

The QR code service QR-kode.no allows you to create, manage and track QR codes and their scan statistics.

This service gives you insight into how many times a QR code has been scanned, when and where the scans took place, and other relevant information.

This gives you insight into how your QR codes are used and what effect they have. You can see the number of scans over time, most popular scanning locations, and even what types of devices are being used to scan the QR codes.

QR Code statistics

Restaurant menu

Create QR-Codes for restaurant menus. With our service, you can add categories, serving times, ingredients, allergies and more.

Using QR codes to create restaurant menus is an effective and modern way to improve the guest experience.

By using QR codes, restaurants can easily update their menus in real time. Do you have a special dish for the day? Or have you run out of a certain ingredient? No reason to worry. You can quickly update your menu online, and the changes will be immediately visible to your guests via the QR code.

This technology makes it easier for guests to view the menu, make orders and make payments, all from the comfort of their own mobile phone.

QR restaurant menu

Leads form

QR codes are a useful technology that has become increasingly popular in digital marketing , especially when it comes to generating leads.

Leads, or potential customers, are the lifeblood of any business.

With the use of QR codes for lead forms, you can simplify the process of getting hold of potential customers, as well as improve the user experience.

Once they get to the form, potential customers can quickly and easily leave their contact information. This makes the process of generating leads more efficient and less time-consuming for both the customer and the business.

Another advantage of using QR codes for lead forms is that it is highly measurable. You can track how many people scanned the QR code and filled out the form, providing valuable insight into the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

QR code leads form

vCard - Digital business card

Let us introduce you to the future of contact management – ​​vCards! Our vCards, also called digital business cards in Norwegian, give you a simple and practical way to share contact information, and take it all to the next level with a dose of creativity and elegance.

With our vCards, you'll never have to worry about losing your contact details again. We've made it easy to digitize and organize all your information in one place. Just scan the QR code on the vCard and voila – all your contact details are instantly available on the recipient's device. Save time, avoid typos and make a professional first impression.

vcard digital business cards

Dynamic Company Profile

Get ready to impress your customers with a dynamic company profile that stands out!

Our dynamic company profile gives you a creative and engaging way to present your business and attract new opportunities.

With our solution, you can create a unique online presence that captures the attention of potential customers.

We give you the tools you need to tailor and manage a professional profile that reflects the value and personality of your company.

QR Dynamic Company Profile

Bio Links (Biography Links)

Bio-Links is the perfect social media tool. With us, building a dynamic, interactive and engaging online presence is a breeze.

Imagine all your digital presence, gathered in one place. Imagine all your social media profiles, web pages, blogs, articles, video content and more, all accessible through a single, clean QR code. That's what Bio-Links offers.

With Bio-Links in your social media management, you open up a world of possibilities. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  1. Collection of your digital footprints

  2. Easy navigation

  3. Personal branding

  4. Effective marketing

  5. Measurable results

Bio Links

Above you read about some of the main features of our QR code generator, but there is more, much more…

Mass generation of QR codes.

Create hundreds of QR codes at once, import and export with just one click.

Catalogs and teams

Invite other users and organize the QR codes in folders and between people.

Own domain names

Use your own domain names! We support the use of our own domain names in our QR codes.

Protect the QR code content

With us, you can require a password (PIN code) before the end user sees the content of the QR code.

Advanced gradients

Our innovative QR code generator allows you to choose from an infinite range of colors to create a gradient as unique as your own brand.

From the softest pastel to the most vibrant neon, from the deepest midnight blue to the sunniest yellow - there are no limits to what you can create.

Each color stop can be adjusted with precision, so that the transition between colors flows seamlessly, like a sunset melting into dusk.

You can add as many color stops as you like, giving you unlimited freedom to create complex and captivating color combinations.


QR code design shapes

At QR-Kode.no, we believe that no two QR codes should be the same. That's why we give you access to more than 50 different QR code design shapes, so you can create a code as unique as your own brand.

Our shapes range from classic squares to circles, hearts, stars, and more. We give you the creative freedom to experiment with shapes that capture your brand's essence, offering a visual experience that stands out from the crowd.

Whether you want something minimalist and stylish, or playful and eye-catching, we have the QR shape for you.

qr code design shapes

1400+ fonts for all languages

QR-kode.no understands that every detail counts when it comes to expressing your brand's unique voice.

That's why we give you the freedom to choose between more than 1400 different fonts when creating your QR code.

Each font has its own character, its own personality. From classic serif fonts that radiate authority and elegance, to sans-serif fonts that ooze modernity and efficiency; from calligraphic fonts that breathe life into every single letter, to the most futuristic fonts that challenge the traditional form of typography.

qr fonts