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QR-kode.no (part of ISHOP AS) develops, operates and delivers various services within, among other things, creation, design, administration, optimization, scanning and analysis of QR codes, vCards, (mobile) websites and related tools and advisory services for its customers (hereinafter referred to as "User" or "Users"). With these general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "T&C"), QR-kode.no wishes to ensure a transparent business relationship with the user, but also to protect QR-kode.no from malicious use. By accepting the T&C, you also accept our privacy policy in the version that applies at the time of entering into the agreement. 

The terms and conditions come into force from: 12.12.2022.

1. Scope of this Agreement

The scope of the agreement is the use of the respective specifically agreed service, as described in the respective specific service sections provided by QR-kode.no to the user against payment or free of charge.

These T&C regulate all referred to T&C contractual relationships between QR-kode.no and the user (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"). This applies regardless of whether declarations, logging in, registration, entering into a contract, service or receiving services takes place in or outside Norway.

2. Conclusion of agreement

The presentation of services on the websites of QR-kode.no does not represent a legally binding offer from QR-kode.no, but a non-binding invitation to the user to make a similar offer. The processes and technical steps that lead to a binding offer from the User will be explained in the respective specific service parts.

Before submitting the respective legally binding offer by the user, an explicit confirmation by the user that the user has read and accepted the terms, as well as - in the case of a consumer (i.e. private, non-commercial) user - the withdrawal instructions by clicking on the respective checkbox is required. Before submitting a binding offer or registration by clicking on the respective button, the user can check and correct the data if necessary.

Upon submission of the binding offer or registration of the user, without undue delay, QR-kode.no sends an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the user. This e-mail is a confirmation of receipt of the offer, but does not constitute acceptance of the offer, unless it is expressly declared as such by QR-kode.no. The user must ensure that the e-mail address provided by the user is correct and that e-mails sent by QR-kode.no will be received and not blocked or similar.

An agreement is only entered into after QR-kode.no accepts the user's offer through a declaration of acceptance. QR-kode.no accepts the offer made by the user within one (1) week either by explicit acceptance at least in text form, an order confirmation via e-mail sent to the user by QR-kode.no, upon delivery of the services or by starting delivery of the contractual services, in case of continuous obligations or if the services are contractually agreed to be delivered in two or more parts.

3. Services

3.1 General
The services of QR-kode.no can generally be used for private and commercial purposes, unless it is expressly stated in the respective service that private or commercial use is permitted exclusively. QR-kode.no's goal is to provide users with continuous availability and error-free functionality of the services offered. Nevertheless, QR-kode.no can limit or close services and/or systems to a reasonable extent during low traffic times for maintenance or performance optimization. In addition to this, QR-kode.no has the right to terminate the services completely after prior notice.

3.2 Account

As a registered user, you can create and use an account in accordance with the Acceptable Use Guidelines.

The user agrees to provide accurate and complete information upon registration and during the relationship, by keeping this information always up to date.

The user must not disclose any account information to any third party, including the password. The user is solely responsible for maintaining confidentiality.

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