Use of QR codes in marketing

In a digital age where both standards and digital marketing are constantly changing, it is now super important to be at the forefront of innovative solutions.

One of these solutions, which has grown in popularity and applications, is QR codes. These small, black-and-white codes have gone from being a simple way to track products to becoming a multifunctional tool for customer communication and engagement.

How can one maximize the usefulness of QR codes in marketing?

It's not just about linking to a website or showing a discount code. In this blog post, we will explore the most creative and exciting uses for QR codes that can take your marketing strategy to new heights. From interactive exhibitions to cleverly integrated social media campaigns, the range of possibilities is wide and varied.


QR code

Basics of QR codes

QR code, or "Quick Response" code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be quickly scanned with a smartphone to provide access to information or a specific service.

Originally, QR code was developed to track components in the automotive industry, but now these codes have found their way into a number of different sectors, including marketing.

How does a QR code work?

  • A QR code contains information in both horizontal and vertical dimensions, unlike a standard barcode which only has information horizontally.
  • When the code is scanned, the user is usually redirected to a URL, but it can also trigger other actions such as sending an SMS, calling a phone number, or even connecting to a Wi-Fi.

How to Create a QR Code

  • There are several websites and applications that allow you to create your own QR code . These tools give you the opportunity to customize the code with different colors, logos and other graphics.
  • You can also track how often the code is scanned, which is useful for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Advantages of QR code in marketing

  • Ease of use: No need to enter URLs or perform complicated searches.
  • Affordable: No extra cost for printing as they can be easily incorporated into existing marketing materials.
  • Versatile: Can be used in everything from brochures to billboards and digital media.

Creative uses for QR codes in marketing

QR codes have grown in popularity as a powerful marketing tool. But it's not enough to just use them to link to a homepage or a product information page. With a little creativity, QR codes can act as a bridge between the physical and digital realms in a number of exciting ways.

Digital storytelling in physical space

  • Location-specific QR codes can be placed at important points, for example in shop windows or at historical sites, to offer unique experiences. When the code is scanned, the user can access exclusive videos, articles or audio clips that enhance the experience of the place.

Direct consumer engagement

  • QR codes can be implemented in print advertising campaigns, allowing the public to scan the code to enter contests or polls directly from their mobile device.
  • Codes can also be linked to social media, where the customer can leave a review, share a post, or participate in a live chat.

Interactive exhibitions and product samples

  • By placing QR codes next to products in physical stores, potential customers can be offered more detailed product information, user reviews, or even a virtual trial experience.

Gamification of marketing

  • QR codes can be used to launch an interactive game where the user can win discounts or other prizes. The game can be as simple as a puzzle or as complicated as a small adventure that the user can immerse himself in.

Tailored customer experiences

  • By using QR codes, you can better segment your target audience by offering different links for different demographics or interests. For example, a QR code in a lifestyle magazine may lead to a different landing page than a QR code placed on a sporting event.

QR codes give marketers a unique opportunity to think outside the box and create engaging, interactive campaigns that go beyond traditional advertising. So, the next time you're considering digital marketing strategies , don't hesitate to explore the many creative possibilities that QR codes can offer.

Case studies: Success stories with QR codes in marketing

qr code restaurant menu

Examining real-world applications provides practical insight into how QR codes can be used effectively in marketing.

Here are some interesting case studies that demonstrate the transformative effect of creative use of QR codes .

Increased sales with interactive menus

  • A restaurant replaced its traditional paper menus with QR codes placed on the tables. By scanning the code, guests were given access to an interactive menu with detailed descriptions and even short videos showing how the food is prepared.
  • Result: A significant increase in sales of specialties and beverages that were highlighted in the digital menu.

Improving the customer experience in store

  • A clothing chain implemented QR codes next to selected items in the store. Customers could scan the codes to see styling tips, read reviews, or find out more about materials and sustainability.
  • Result: Higher customer satisfaction and an increase in sales of the highlighted products.

Effective distribution of digital content

  • A publishing house used QR codes in its printed magazines, which when scanned, led to exclusive interviews, background articles, or multimedia content related to the printed article.
  • Result: Increased user engagement and a significant increase in digital subscriptions.

Viral campaign with guerilla marketing

  • A startup used QR codes in a street art campaign. People who scanned the code were directed to a landing page where they could sign up for early access to the company's services.
  • Result: The campaign went viral, and the company gained a significant user base before launch.

As you can read, QR codes can be used across various industries to increase sales, improve customer experience and strengthen the brand.

Final words for QR codes in marketing

As we've seen, QR codes offer a variety of creative and effective ways to engage customers, from improving user experience to increasing sales. But this is just the beginning.

qr code in bottle cap

The potential for innovation in this area is great, and as a marketing tool, QR codes still have a bright future ahead of them.

Important summary points

  • QR codes are more than just a way to direct traffic to a website; they can be used to tell stories, personalize customer experiences and even launch new products.
  • Bet on creativity: Thoughtful and creative use of QR codes can set your brand apart from the competition and provide an added value that customers will appreciate.
  • Measurable impact: The benefits of using QR codes can often be quantified, making it easier to adjust marketing strategies as needed.

Next step

  • If you haven't yet adopted QR codes in your marketing strategy, now is an excellent time to start.
  • For those who already use QR codes: Consider how you can expand or improve your current practice to extract even more value from this versatile technology.

Finally, whether you're new to the concept or have already implemented QR codes in your marketing plan, it's important to stay current on the latest trends and best practices.

So take the chance, experiment, and measure the effect. This will not only improve your marketing strategy, but also offer a more engaging and valuable experience for your customers.