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No, a static QR code cannot be transformed into a dynamic QR code, as they have different characteristics and functions.

To create a QR code with statistics, you need to use a QR Code Generator that offers tracking and analysis of QR code usage. We have full support for this in our QR code app. Read a more detailed answer here.

No, a QR code cannot contain viruses, but a QR code can lead you to a malicious website or download that contains malware, including viruses.

A QR code can store different types of information, such as links to websites, contact details or WiFi settings. QR codes are often used to quickly access websites, share contact details or for authentication and payment. QR codes are also used in marketing to direct customers to specific products, promotions or services. The possibilities of using QR codes are limited only by your imagination.

In general, scanning QR codes is safe, but it is important to be careful as QR codes can be misused in the same way as other digital tools.

QR codes are extremely flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of usage scenarios and needs. This flexibility is due to several important factors such as storage capacity, adaptability, dynamic QR codes, versatile use, ease of use, offline accessibility, and of course, tracking and analysis.

To track a QR code, you need to use a QR code generator that offers tracking and analysis features. E.g.

To read a QR code, you need a smartphone or tablet with a camera and possibly a QR scanner app, which is often built into newer devices. Open the camera or scanner app and point the device's camera at the QR code so that it is clearly visible in the image. The device will automatically recognize the code and scan it.

Using QR codes can be very beneficial for your business for several reasons. Here are some of them: Increased customer engagement, effective marketing, contactless transactions, customization and flexibility, tracking and analytics, accessibility, eco-friendly, and innovative expression. By integrating QR codes into your business strategy, you can take advantage of these benefits to improve the customer experience, increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and keep up with digital developments.

Quick facts on QR codes

A QR code is an open technology

Although Denso Wave has a patent on QR codes, they chose not to exploit the rights. This means that anyone can freely use the technology without paying license fees.

High storage capacity

A QR code can store up to 3,000 alphanumeric characters, much more than a traditional barcode which can only store around 20 characters.

QR code on gravestones

QR codes have become popular for use on gravestones to provide information about the deceased, which can include photos, life stories or greetings from loved ones.

The Service FAQ

Once the trial period for your QR Code Generator service is over, access to the QR codes you have created will be locked. However, it is important to note that your QR codes will not be deleted immediately. They are stored for 90 days after the trial period is over.

This means that if you choose to upgrade to a paid membership within those 90 days, you will have full access to your QR codes.

After the upgrade, you can continue to use or edit your QR codes as you did before the trial period expired. This system ensures that the work you have put into creating QR codes is not lost immediately after the trial period, and gives you the flexibility to decide if you want to continue with a payment service.

No, you don't! When you register, you can start using the premium features by getting a 3-day free trial. The trial gives you access to all our premium features (except API access) for 3 days. If during these 3 days you decide you like the service, you can choose to upgrade to either a monthly or annual membership.

Absolutely! You can try the service for free and without obligation for 3 days. All you have to do is create an account and your trial membership will start automatically.

You can choose to pay for Premium in USD, EURO or even NOK.

No, we don't have a lock-in period. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Yes, no problem! If you need more time to test all the amazing features our QR-Code app offers, contact us with a short message explainig why you need more time to test the features, and we will happily extend your trial period.

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